Social sustainability


Social sustainability

Academic climate activism – problem or opportunity?

More and more researchers are raising their voices for a more ambitious climate policy. The difference between public appeals and radical climate actions may seem vast, but when does enthusiasm become activism and how is research impacted? This is the subject of a new research project.


Social sustainability

“Equal societies are more peaceful”

Uppsala researcher Erik Melander has shown that there is a connection between gender equality and peace. He is monitoring developments in Ukraine and believes that Russian women can have an impact on how long the Putin regime can continue its invasion.


Social sustainability

Corona crisis lays bare inequalities in living conditions

During the corona crisis, the unequal living conditions in our cities have been exposed. When communities shut down, some areas suffer more acutely than others. Although overcrowding is a crucial factor, a new study finds that proximity to services and green areas also determines how cities cope with a crisis.

Social sustainability

“Continuing aid is of the essence”

The world’s economies are crashing, and the coronavirus could double the number of people suffering from acute hunger. The pandemic is reinforcing global injustices and there is only one way forward – cooperation. Extrakt has spoken with the highest ranking Swede in the UN.


Social sustainability

Digital surveillance in the fight against corona

Several European countries have started using mobile phone surveillance as a weapon to fight the coronavirus. This method is now also being discussed in Sweden. Researchers warn against relaxing the rules and approaches in times of crisis that have been instituted to protect democratic rights.

Fiskebåt Thailand

Social sustainability

Slave-like conditions in Thai fishing industry under investigation

Sustainable fishing is not just about viable fish stocks in healthy seas. One major – and often overlooked – issue is the social sustainability of the fishing industry.