Companies have downplayed harmful effects of biocides

Researchers at Stockholm University have revealed that pesticide companies have withheld information on the harmful properties of their products. In a new study, researchers are now reviewing about 40 animal studies to see if companies are systematically avoiding disclosing risks.

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No clear links between environmental toxins and preeclampsia

Nearly four years ago, Extrakt reported that researchers were determining whether endocrine disruptors could increase the risk of preeclampsia. So, what was the outcome? Fortunately, the researchers found no link between environmental toxins and preeclampsia.



New discoveries on the spread of environmental toxins

It was previously believed that a family of chemicals which end up in the ocean, PFAS, remain there. But research from Stockholm University now indicates otherwise. Lab experiments reveal that these chemical substances can spread from water to air.



Can environmental factors explain the increase in MS?

Cases of multiple sclerosis are on the rise. In Sweden, approximately 1,000 people are diagnosed annually. Our genetic predispositions and other risk factors like lack of sunlight have not changed significantly, after all. So the question is, can other environmental factors be contributing to this negative trend?



Can fluoride affect children’s development?

You probably already know that fluoride prevents tooth decay. Yet a number of alarming messages are circulating about the negative impact of the substance on children’s health. What’s really true, and what should we make of the fluoride issue?