Sustainable cities


Sustainable cities

Gardening can strengthen a community in times of crisis

When society faces divisive forces, gardening can be a way to bring a community together? This is the belief of researcher Marine Elbakidze, who studies the importance of community gardening in times of crisis.


Sustainable cities

“Unreasonable to demolish and start from scratch”

“Impractical”, “in the way” and downright “ugly”. This is the perception of the old office buildings in many places where new neighbourhoods are emerging. Choosing to demolish the entire complex is an obvious alternative, but now voices are being raised in defence of these buildings.


Sustainable cities

Failing to prepare for dam failure

The Kakhovka dam explosion in Ukraine has caused widespread devastation, and Sweden also has dams that would devastate large areas if they burst.


Sustainable cities

Rock spoil from the metro can become new islands

Expansion of the Stockholm Metro is underway, and huge masses of unearthed rock that are piling up need somewhere to go. The rock spoil is being temporarily dumped around the outskirts of the city. But a new research project is trying to find more sustainable solutions. How about building an island?


Sustainable cities

Heatwaves challenge urban planning

In the future, we can expect more and longer heatwaves. This means rising death rates and more health problems if we don’t take action. Researchers are now looking for answers on how we can best prepare for the heat – and there’s no time to lose. Temperatures are already rising.