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No clear links between environmental toxins and preeclampsia

Nearly four years ago, Extrakt reported that researchers were determining whether endocrine disruptors could increase the risk of preeclampsia. So, what was the outcome? Fortunately, the researchers found no link between environmental toxins and preeclampsia.



New discoveries on the spread of environmental toxins

It was previously believed that a family of chemicals which end up in the ocean, PFAS, remain there. But research from Stockholm University now indicates otherwise. Lab experiments reveal that these chemical substances can spread from water to air.



The Arctic dream

An “arctification” of Upper Norrland, the northernmost region of Sweden, has given international tourism an extra boost. But it has also made the tourism industry especially vulnerable during the pandemic.


Food & agriculture

“Sweden aims to become a world leader in blue food”

Sweden isn’t going to be the biggest when it comes to food from the sea and lakes – but the best. So says Fredrik Gröndahl, coordinator of a major initiative called Blue Food that brings together research and a range of industry players within aquatic food. The goal is for Swedish aquatic food to be sustainable throughout the journey, from water to plate.


Food & agriculture

Wild blueberries – an untapped resource

Only a mere 2–5 percent of berries in Swedish forests get picked. Why isn’t more of this resource being utilised? That’s what researchers at the newly launched centre FINEST are wondering. They want to help local businesses see the potential of wild berries.

Vegetarisk mat

Food & agriculture

Studying the health effects of a plant-based diet

To reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, we’ve got to change our dietary habits and do things like reduce our meat consumption by choosing plant-based alternatives. But what does it mean for our bodies when we cut down on meat and get the all-important proteins from the plant kingdom instead?


Food & agriculture

Can virtual fencing increase grazing on natural pastures?

Grazing on natural pastures is an underutilised resource today because the land can be difficult to access and impossible to enclose. Can virtual fencing be the solution?